An Oceanside Wedding at Craidelonna

I love travelling for my photography, and jump at pretty much every opportunity that I get to do it. When Mike and Lindsey contacted me about shooting their wedding at the Craidelonna Oceanside Lodge, I was pretty excited because it looked like just an amazing location on the water.  Located near Sooke, BC it was a great opportunity to go spend some time on Vancouver Island. I love coastal BC!

When I got to the lodge I was immediately stoked on the location!  It was so picturesque and well landscaped.  My excitement over photographing this wedding was compounded again when I saw the care that had gone into the decor of the wedding. Lindsey’s attention to detail with her place settings and general decor was amazing, and matched the overall flavour of the lodge so well.  Combined with the natural beauty of the surroundings, we were able to get some beautiful shots.  Hope you enjoy them!

MikeLin01 MikeLin02 MikeLin03 MikeLin04 MikeLin05 MikeLin06MikeLin08 MikeLin09 MikeLin10 MikeLin11 MikeLin12 MikeLin13 MikeLin14 MikeLin15 MikeLin16 MikeLin17 MikeLin18 MikeLin19 MikeLin20 MikeLin21 MikeLin22 MikeLin23 MikeLin24 MikeLin25 MikeLin26 MikeLin27 MikeLin28 MikeLin29 MikeLin30 MikeLin31 MikeLin32 MikeLin33 MikeLin34 MikeLin35 MikeLin36 MikeLin37 MikeLin38 MikeLin39 MikeLin40 MikeLin41 MikeLin42 MikeLin43 MikeLin44 MikeLin45 MikeLin46 MikeLin47 MikeLin48 MikeLin49 MikeLin50 MikeLin51 MikeLin52 MikeLin53 MikeLin54 MikeLin55 MikeLin56 MikeLin57 MikeLin58 MikeLin59 MikeLin60 MikeLin61 MikeLin62 MikeLin63 MikeLin64 MikeLin65 MikeLin66 MikeLin67 MikeLin68 MikeLin69 MikeLin70 MikeLin71 MikeLin72 MikeLin73 MikeLin74 MikeLin75 MikeLin76 MikeLin77 MikeLin78 MikeLin79 MikeLin80 MikeLin81 MikeLin82 MikeLin83 MikeLin84 MikeLin85 MikeLin86 MikeLin87 MikeLin88 MikeLin89 MikeLin90 MikeLin91

MikeLin07Thanks for looking, and please visit my website or facebook page for more of my work, or head back to the front page of my blog to read some more!


4 thoughts on “An Oceanside Wedding at Craidelonna

  1. I am in total AWE of your photography Matt!!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!! I know your beautiful mother, I am sure that she is SO proud of you!!!! Thanks for sharing with all of us, I, for one so appreciate it. I hope one day to have an event for you to photograph!!! Diana Bonar

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